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12RNDers push themselves every time they hit the club floor. Melissa praises her club team and friends that helped her along her journey, “there is an incredible culture in 12RND Alexandria. We all know each other, it’s like a family. The trainers know what you’re capable of and can see your Myzone to push you harder.”


Melissa achieved incredible physical transformations and she saw her athletic progression soar. 


Her benchmark improvements from Week 02 to Week 06 were:

1:20min Row – 390m (46m gain)
Push Up Into Clean and Press – 38 reps (8 rep gain PLUS extra 3kg weight)
15 Cal Ski Erg – 39 sec (8 sec gain)


Melissa embraced the 12RNDer mind set, on her Goal Setting Sheet for Training Camp she wrote, “I’m fighting to be the first female Training Camp Winner” and she achieved just that!

12RND Fitness Alexandria member weight loss results

Nathan’s approach to the Training Camp, was to increase his training, eat well, get fit and feel stronger.


He came in for a total of 24 workouts throughout the 6 weeks.

His changes from WK02 to WK06 were:

1:20min Row – 430m (21m gain)
Push Up Into Clean and Press – 50 reps (7 rep gain)
15 Cal Ski Erg – 21.1 sec (the 12RND Palm Beach record).

Nathan said, “the trainers were very helpful, they gave me the support I needed, and helped to correct my technique. I just really enjoy my training.”

Shantelle says what she loves most about 12RND is, “everything!” She said, “Honestly, other than all the great people you meet everyday and the trainers that put so much effort towards you reaching your goals, I would say the workout is incredible! Everyday is different but also so fun.”

It has been such an amazing experience that I am studying to be a personal trainer and help others turn there life around.”

Shantelle recounts, “seeing my partner’s results gave me motivation to give it a go as nothing else was working.” Shantelle and her partner both said that the Training Camp Nutrition played a major part in their transformation.



After 6 weeks of punching it out,Tevita  lost an incredible 10.1kg of fat, 11.5cm off his waistline, and lost a whopping 15% body fat while adding an amazing 3.2kg of lean muscle.

Tevita demonstrated increased athletic ability as well as his physical transformation.

“I not only improved my health and fitness through Training Camp, I also made some great new friends. The support from fellow members and coaches was awesome and helped drive me towards my goals."


You too can get amazing results like these. We will help you achieve your goals with our motivating trainers and fun 12RND sessions.



You can burn up to 750 calories in a 12RND workout, so be prepared to SWEAT (don't forget to bring your sweat towel and water bottle).


Our workouts are fast, fun and highly varied so you’ll be targeting multiple muscle groups while staying engaged and motivated.


Bring a friend if you like. Our structure is well designed to train in pairs.